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Namon is a staff writer and editor, here at Blavity.

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We’re Loving It: Meet The Youngest Black Woman To Own A McDonald’s Franchise

Jade Colin is making waves in the restaurant franchise business as McDonald’s youngest black woman to own one of the popular fast food eateries.No doubt an impressive feat, the New Orleans native has been preparing to run her own business for years. In 2010, her parents purchased their first McDonald’s. She began working in her family’s restaurants in 2012, after...

Seven Detroit Students Are Suing The Government Because They're Tired Of Receiving A Lackluster Education

Seven students in Detroit have filed a class-action suit against the state of Michigan because they feel they’ve been denied a basic necessity that all Americans should have: an education.The Atlantic reports that the case, Gary B. v. Snyder, is attempting to cite the Constitution to give the argument the weight it deserves. And rightfully so. The seven students filing the suit...

How This High School Achieved A 100 Percent Graduation Rate 4 Years In A Row, And Inspired Desiigner To Celebrate With Them

High school is an amazing time in many people’s lives. Maturity begins to peak through, responsibilities in various forms are accepted and lifelong friends are made. But it’s also a time of enormous pressure, with the idea that all the work you do academically and in extracurriculars will culminate into significant adult life paths, opening or closing the number of choices...