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The Millennials Next Door


Millennials & Centennials aren’t taught how to mange money but only how to spend more & earn more in America. The Millennials Next Door or “TMND” serves as the digital platform solution, which focuses on guiding millennials & centennials on building wealth and redefining wealth. I break down over-complicated finance topics into small digestible tidbits, building wealth is easier than ever.

The Millennials Next Door's posts

6 Ways To Pay Off Debt Without A Six Figure Check

Doesn’t it seem that everything costs more but incomes are stagnant in growth? Inflation is a crazy concept. Last year prices of goods increased by 1.8% core inflation and your salary may or may not have increased alongside that growth. So, with prices of everyday goods like milk and gas constantly on the rise, how can you pay more on debt if your income isn’t cutting...

Things To Know Before Investing In Tulsa Real Estate Fund

For those who don’t know, Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF), the first 100 percent black-owned Tier 2 Real Estate Crowd Fund, has launched. As of recently, they have raised over $7.1 million smackers with the goal of investing in real estate and combatting gentrification. TREF is not based in Tulsa, Oklahoma despite the name. They were inspired by the horrific events of what...