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My name is Ashley Pugh. I'm 24 and I'm currently a Digital Content Development and Strategy Intern at the Get Schooled Foundation, based out of Seattle, WA. I enjoy graphic design, video production, filling in my eyebrows, and all things sprinkled with black girl magic. Follow my IG @ash.owt or check out my site www.ashpugh.com for more awesomeness !!

ashpugh8's posts

Here's What Not To Do With Your College Refund Check: A Real Reminder

There is this magical time in every college student’s life when they get a gift from the financial aid office. It’s a special gift, reflecting that their tuition bill has been overpaid. That “gift” is known as all the all-mighty refund check.Financial aid at any institution of higher learning can be a blessing, and a burden. It’s an intricate system,...

Think Before You Post: Ten Things You Shouldn't Say About Your Job On Social Media

Even the person with their dream job who enjoys going to work every morning has a day when things at work can get a little frustrating. It can be all too tempting to talk about work on social media. It may seem silly to think that 140 characters in a social media post could potentially end your career but it does happen, and more often than you think. I’m going to put you up on...

From Suburb To HBCU: How My University Taught Me About Myself

As a high school senior living in the south suburbs of the Pacific Northwest, I had no idea what an HBCU was.My high school didn't have many African-American students, so when time came to start looking at colleges, naturally, I ended up looking the same schools as my white friends.I didn’t have a choice on whether or not I wanted to go to college. I was going. Where I...