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cmichelcarter Christine Michel Carter


By day, I am a passionate global marketing strategist with 10 years of progressive experience driving results for innovative, category leading companies. By night, I am a mom to two members of Generation Alpha. I have become a voice for millennial moms (and uniquely, young black female professionals and mothers) and labeled a thought leader for marketing to millennial consumers. I have been featured in and guest contributed to several global digital publications, including TIME, Health, Ebony, Black Bride, Retail Customer Experience, Inc., Women’s Health and many others.

cmichelcarter's posts

Here’s How Black Millennials Moved McDonald’s To Focus On The Black Community, Again

Back in 2003, McDonald’s launched a “365 Black” initiative, which was a campaign to support Black culture and community all year round — hence the name — instead of just one month a year, during Black History Month in February. In that year, the millennial cohort was the most diverse generation to date in America and was between five and 23 years old. Many...

How Black-Owned SpokeHub Reinvigorates Social Media To Unmask Meaningful Conversations

Take a moment to think about your recent experience on Facebook. Your friend posted great news and you’re super excited for them! But when was the last time you actually spoke to that person?College? High School?You decide you’d like to learn more about their life since you two last connected, so you move on to Instagram only to find their curated life.Everyone who’s...