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colinlieu Colin Lieu


Colin Lieu is a yoga and mindfulness coach working in public schools and programs in Harlem and Bronx, New York. In answering a call from daycare professionals in the south Bronx, he has launched Bronx Body Yoga with the goal of offering frequent and ongoing low-cost and accessible yoga. He is the author of the children's picture book, "Phoenix's First: An Introduction To Mindful Breathing".

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There's A Diversity Problem In Yoga, And Your Trendy New Studio Isn't The Solution

Yoga has become the Roseanne of the wellness world. In theory, both were created for the everyday person but in a time when people are as woke as they are broke -- folks have been priced out and boxed into stereotypes when it comes to accessing yoga.Prioritizing dollar demands, luxurious lotions and fancy towels are just a few reasons some yoga studios charge up to $235 per month for...