As millennials, we've had the privilege of enjoying an overabundance of great movies. Disney has ruled the movie market for most of our lives. Movies like Toy Story, Mulan and The Lion King dominated the 1990s. Quite frankly, there is no real competition, but every now and then, a non-Disney company will release an animated film that was extraordinary. The Prince of Egypt is one of the greatest animated movies of all time. After being released in 1998, the film grossed over $200 million and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "When You Believe" by Hans Zimmer. This movie was iconic for several reasons:

The women were badass feminists.

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The women in this movie were not side pieces. Miriam, Zipporah and Queen Tuya were integral parts of the plot. Without them, the whole movie would have fallen apart.

Especially Zipporah. She was the Beyoncé of the movie.

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Zipporah was unafraid to assert herself and snatch up people when they needed to be read.

The music was SO INCREDIBLE.

Seriously, this was released 18 years ago and you can STILL twerk to it.

This award winning song was covered by musical icons.

What movie could have managed to bring these two black women together?! None. The answer is no other movie. Speaking of black people…

The characters actually looked like the people from Northern Africa

Representation is so important. Portraying biblical characters (who are supposed to be non-white) as white people is toxic to children of color. Although the characters were voiced by a majority white cast, the physical representation of them as black and brown people is great for young children.

A lot of things were culturally accurate.

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Did you ever wonder why Rameses had a bald head and a single ponytail? This was a popular hairstyle for Egyptian youth.

The characters were very relatable

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This movie has characters that are super relatable. I feel like Hotep and Huy tried to sell me mixtapes once in downtown Los Angeles.

The animations were perfect

Source: Tumblr Photo: Tumblr

Look at this whale swimming next to the Israelites on their way to freedom. Your best animation production company will never!

I mean really, look at this perfectly burning bush

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God exists in this bush that is burning. You have to appreciate the precision.

The climatic ending gave us goosebumps

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Each time I watch these final moments, I always ask myself, "How will they make it across the Red Sea?" Then, like clockwork, God showed up and made a way. Photo: Tumblr Photo: Tumblr

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