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jcmoham Joy Mohammed


Joy is an education professional in Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys being a mom, shameless day drinking, and wearing fake natural hair. Not necessarily in that order.

jcmoham's posts

'BlacKkKlansman' Is Black Hollywood's Latest Example Of How Black Cinema Is Supposed To Happen

I don’t think I have left a movie theater with breath this bated since Get Out. No, Black Panther. Yeah, it was Black Panther where I can say I last felt this much emotion in a movie. That was just about six months ago, and too much time if you ask me. To be honest, I had stopped going to the movies. Opting for the low hanging cinematic fruit- aka my friend’s Hulu...

Audiowave Network In Detroit Is Reimaging Podcasting For People Of Color

Right on Detroit's border with affluent Grosse Pointe, inside of the Detroit Artist Test Lab, is a black man with a recording studio. But hold up, he is different. It is a podcast studio. Jonathan Galloway, affectionately known as JG, is the CEO of Audiowave Network, an all black and operated podcast network out of the city of Detroit. Podcasting has grown exponentially...

6 Things You Can Do To Support Black Kids Who Are Attending A PWI

Let's face it, all of our baby cousins will not go to an HBCU. Some of them will attend a PWI (predominantly white institution). As a result, they may be subject to overt racism. Gone are the days where white students wanted to keep their racism to themselves. Charlottesville is my case and point. White folks are out here with their tears and torches. Gone are the good ol' days...