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Dame Dash sparks questions about job relocation dos and don’ts

The BET show Music Moguls highlighted quite a few impressive work habits of some of hip-hop’s finest, including Baby of Cash Money, Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri and Dame Dash. But with success comes risks, and vice versa. Viewers of the show might remember one huge risk that Dame Dash took, uprooting himself and his girlfriend Raquel M. Horn from North Carolina to be closer to his...

Drake, Snoop learned the hard way: Why releasing private conversations is not OK

When former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was secretly recorded making racially insensitive statements to his girlfriend V. Stiviano in 2014, few were sympathetic. This was in spite of some being concerned about privacy measures that weren’t taken during what was believed to be a private argument between a couple. Politically savvy talk show host Bill Maher didn’t quite...

The business of love and hip-hop: Couple collaborations

Next to prenuptial agreements, there’s nothing more uncomfortable for a couple to discuss than monetary business arrangements — especially if they’re not married. On one hand, a couple (or at least two people temporarily dating or in an intimate relationship) making professional suggestions about the other's work could easily be considered being supportive. However, just as with...