Not just the home of government and politics, Washington D.C. has also had an influence on the culture and arts of our nation. As the birthplace of Go-Go, Marvin Gaye, and Duke Ellington, the district has never had a shortage of talent. That talent is still prevalent today. Covering genres from jazz, R&B, rock & soul, acoustic pop soul, and afro-beat, the D.C. music scene is as diverse as it gets. Below are five D.C. musicians who are making their mark.

1. Cecily

This captivating soprano describes her music as acoustic pop soul. She is heavily influenced by “mid-century soul and jazz, ’90s R&B, and re-imagined folk music.” Her debut self-titled EP was released in March of this year.

2. Meche Korrect

Meche Korrect is an Afro-soul singer currently jumping between D.C. and Accra, Ghana. She is constantly fusing the hypnotic rhythms of the motherland while still maintaining the vibes of the district. This fusion is the focus of her upcoming EP Bibini Ba

3. The CooLots

Self-proclaimed as the original rock/soul band, the CooLots are a fusion of funk, soul and sweet melodies. This group is always full of energy and puts on a great show. They released their debut album, The CooLots EP , in January 2014.

4. Christie Dashiell

Born in Washington D.C., this contemporary jazz artist is taking the industry by storm. She performed on NBC’s The Sing Off and she is on the fast track to stardom. She was recently featured on Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 , which was released in August of this year.

5. DJ Underdog

This D.C.-based musician is talented in many ways. Underdog is an amazing DJ who has played alongside the likes of QuestLove, Common and Femi Kuti.

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