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rotieno Rosa Otieno


My name is Rosa and I write about diversity & inclusion and economic empowerment. I strive to have a positive impact and lift up of people of color.

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Meet Rashaun Williams: An Investor Connecting Athletes And Entertainers To Tech

Rashaun Williams is an experienced investor, advisor, and entrepreneur. He’s started a company with hip-hop icon Nas and developed deep ties in the sports and entertainment world.Rashaun is starting a fund called the MVP All-Star Fund with Manhattan Venture Partners. He envisions a future where athletes and entertainers can provide innovative black businesses with financial...

How To Successfully Break Into The High Tech Industry

It is impossible to get through your day without interacting with technology. When you drive a car, make a purchase at a retailer or hop on the internet, you are interacting with a product or application. Computer software is utilized in nearly every industry and continues to have a growing presence in our daily lives. It is no wonder The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that...