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tatiana Tatiana W


News Writer. Cinephile. Auteur. Scribe.

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13 Black Characters Who Actually Survived In Horror Flicks

What's the running joke about black folks in horror films? Oh yeah! We are the first ones to get hacked by the slasher. It's so bad that we aren't even surprised when it happens anymore.On the contrary, however, there are some black characters who debunked that theory that black people will essentially die before their white counterparts. From thrillers to slasher...

5 Self-Care Tips For POC When Faced With Social Media Trolls

It's sad to say, but at times, we now have more interaction via social media than we do face-to-face. So the way in which we choose to handle conflicts on Facebook or Twitter, if we decide to at all, can be the difference between keeping your mental health in check, or going toe-to-toe with a racist in the comment section over something that is not worth arguing over.Though cowards...