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tatiana Tatiana W

News Writer. Cinephile. Auteur. Scribe.

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Naomi Campbell Among List of Black British Stars Celebrated At National Portrait Gallery

Journalist Sir Trevor McDonald, rapper Tinie Tempah, actress Thandie Newton, and model/fashion icon Naomi Campbell are among an extensive list of prolific black British public figures who will be featured in the National Portrait Gallery per BBC News. The exhibition which will be live in November 2018 and will include the portraits of 37 black British luminaries including Campbell,...

Visit These 5 Black Art Galleries & Shops In Atlanta To Evoke Your Creativity And Discover The Rewriting Of Our History

Atlanta has become a mecca for black culture.There are songs, movies, and even a television show that are named for Atlanta. And anyone who has ever visited a cousin in this city or claims "Hotlanta" as their hometown knows that titles like Atlanta and ATL sum up what it is really like to be local.Cinematic glitz and bustle have migrated over recent years to the city known for...

16 Gifs That Perfectly Describe The First Day Of School

It's that time of year again.Whether you're in grade school or grad school, the first day of school brings anxiety, excitement and sometimes just downright dread.What better way to express the roller coaster of emotions we have heading back to school than through one of our '90s favorites, Family Matters?Let's walk through the day, shall we?When you freak out before...