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tatiana Tatiana W


News Writer. Cinephile. Auteur. Scribe.

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12 Soulful Classics Every Black Person Should Have On Their Holiday Playlist

Whether you're at an ugly Christmas sweater party with friends or celebrating at your grandma's house, whoever the designated DJ is for the night is bound to have soulful, R&B holiday songs on the playlist. If you're in charge of compiling the tracks, but it's been a while since last Christmas and you can't remember which ones are best, I've got you...

This Is Your Grandma's Cooking: 5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Can Find In Almost Every Black Home

It's not the food that brings us together on Thanksgiving each year, but the time to share laughter and unforgettable tales with kinfolk.Okay, so we're lying. It's all about the food!In most African American homes, it's about who brought what, if there is enough for seconds, thirds and to take home in the Tupperware we snuck in. It's about mean-mugging whoever...

13 Black Characters Who Actually Survived In Horror Flicks

What's the running joke about black folks in horror films? Oh yeah! We are the first ones to get hacked by the slasher. It's so bad that we aren't even surprised when it happens anymore.On the contrary, however, there are some black characters who debunked that theory that black people will essentially die before their white counterparts. From thrillers to slasher...