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How to help someone having a panic attack via @TeenVogue

Photo: CreateHerStockYou’ve probably read somewhere that in the United States, anxiety disorders are the most common types of mental health conditions, affecting upwards of 40 million adults. That’s a huge number. I’ve battled a panic disorder for the majority of my life — I even wrote a book about it —and the past 12 months or so have felt revolutionary in...

This model is speaking out about being bullied for having dark skin via @TeenVogue

The truth is, the darker someone's skin tone, the more often they experience racism, hatred and bullying. When someone with dark skin posts a photo of themselves — especially one celebrating their body and their race — we live in a world where they may be subjected to intense hate for their skin color alone. Model Khoudia Diop knows this all too well, but she's hoping her presence...

Zuri Marley shares her DIY beauty secrets and college advice via @teenvogue

On paper, Zuri Marley seems like your average 20-year-old college senior. College dorm, check; 300-level classes, check; and of course the nerve-wracking impending graduation, check. With dreams of making it in the Big Apple she moved to New York City after finishing high school. “I always had an obsession with this place and its history as most do,” she says when asked why she landed...