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How Moonlight Speaks Up For the Black Queer Experience

*Contains some spoilers* The total weight of Moonlight didn’t hit me until hours after watching it. I expected to feel some parallels with the main character, but l didn't expect to barely make it through the movie I hounded my friends for weeks to come see.  Even now as I reflect,  I can’t help but think of my own dating life as a queer black...

5 honest tips for black content creators about breaking through on YouTube

YouTube is a difficult game to break into. Although many of us are familiar with some of the biggest names such as Pewdiepie, Jenna Marbles and Kingsley who have managed to cross over to other platforms, it’s easy to forget that hundreds of thousands haven’t had as much success. With that being said, it’s still certainly possible to have success on the platform, but as...

Why we should love our melanin year-round

“Did you remember to bring your hat?” My mom asked what would have been such an innocent question to most people, but hearing it gave me a ping of anxiety. I make a 15-minute walk home in the heart of Texas heat every day after work, and a hat would definitely come in handy to protect me from the sun. But as a dark-skinned black man, I know that a hat isn't just something that protects...