Azealia Banks has vowed never to return to Israel.

The rapper was in Tel Aviv for a show on Monday, May 7, and according to her Twitter page, she did not have a good time.

She accused locals of mistreating her when she was in public. While she was in the country, Banks said the residents would give her strange looks and pretend they couldn’t understand her when she spoke to them.

“Anytime I walked into a restaurant the people seemed annoyed that I wanted to eat,” she wrote.

Her time at the airport wasn’t much better. The “212” rapper says security took extra time to search her belongings, and an old lady screamed at her "in front of the whole plane for trying to put my bag where hers was.”

The experience took a toll on Banks.

“It was so racist I sat in my seat and cried,” she lamented.

To top it all off, Banks was allegedly solicited for sex by a rabbi.

Banks ended her rant by expressing her love for her Israeli fans but vowing to never step foot in Israel again.