This 1-year-old's adorable drum skills are the only thing you need to see today

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| June 23 2016,

03:30 am

Do you know what joy looks like? If you've never seen it before, take a look at 1 year old, LJ. The folks over at Because of Them We Can shared a video on Facebook of LJ's reaction to hearing his own melody that he created

Upon hearing the playback, LJ commenced to having a jamfest that would rival some other drummers in the game right now

Somebody get this baby in the studio.

Being cheered on by his biggest fans in the background (aka his parents) ensures that LJ's skills will continue to be nurtured, and one can be sure that he'll be on his own stage sometime soon
Photo: giphy
Photo: Giphy

Give baby LJ some love in the comments and tell us what talents you had at 12 months old.

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