Starting his first job in a new state after college, Obi went over a month without getting a haircut because he couldn't find a barber who he felt comfortable with. As many of us know, that's entirely too long to go without a fresh cut. His friend, Kush, who was working out in Cali, made the mistake of randomly walking into a random barbershop, and received one of the worst haircuts of his life. In protest, Kush went on a barbershop strike and grew his hair out for two entire years!

In 2016, Obi and Kush got together and started working on the idea for the app. Now, it's been almost two years since they launched the company and they've already hit incredible milestones. On a shoe-string budget, the small team has grown to more than 10,000 barbers, 100,000 users and have booked over 500,000 appointments!

In celebration of everything they've accomplished and the community they've built, theCut has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to give their users, friends and family the opportunity to invest in the company.