The Bel-Air season 1 finale pulled out all the stops ending its first season with a bang with revealing Will’s dad and continuing to dive into the emotional storylines it established throughout its run.

In an amazing surprise, fans not only got more information on Will (Jabari Banks)’s father and what exactly went down but got to spend an entire episode dealing with this important part of Will’s life.

With the surprise casting of Marlon Wayans as Lou, Will’s estranged father, the finale of Bel-Air was an event.

Marlon Wayans plays Will's father, Lou

After building towards this moment for the entire season, Lou shows up at the Banks family reunion, and Will’s father is played by none other than actor and comedian Marlon Wayans. Wayans is an actor worthy of such a big reveal, being such a big star, and he fits right in with the show’s ambitions.

The reveal and casting continue the trend of the Peacock series, reimagining characters from the original show and modernizing and adding more depth and emotional stakes into the various storylines. The appearance of Will’s father so soon is a nice change and sets up some exciting possibilities for season 2.



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Will seemingly leaves 'Bel-Air' in the finale

In a scene very reminiscent of the original The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, in which Will’s father comes back and then abandons his son again, the two connect after years of not seeing him.

The excuses for why Lou has been gone start pouring in, and Will reacts in kind, tearing into his father for trying to put the blame on his mother for why he has been absent in his life.

Will unleashes all the emotion and years of hurt that’s been bubbling up inside of him on Lou, Uncle Phil, and Aunt Viv, feeling like he’s lied to his entire life, and promptly leaves.

Season 1 ended with Will leaving the Banks and Bel-Air. But is he gone for good? We’ll have to find out next season.

Bel-Air season 1 is available to stream in full now on Peacock.