Ben Carson is trying to target black millennial voters in an unconventional way — by creating a rap ad for the radio. ABC news reported that the ad is “scheduled to air Friday in eight markets.” However, they released the ad a day early on their Soundcloud page.

Now, as a black millennial myself, you can imagine my surprise seeing this on social media early Thursday morning. Dr. Carson has been running his entire campaign as if he is the “who’s man is this?” meme in human form.

And personally, I’ve been successful at ignoring the oddity of his statements. But this? I have too many questions to ask. So here they are:

  1. Why?
  2. How much you did you spend to sample the “Anchorman” jazz flute scene on this ad? 

  1. Why??
  2. Will Candy Carson be on the remix?

What’s most shocking about this whole ad is the lengths that Dr. Carson has gone to in order to give us something that NO ONE asked for or wanted. Jokes aside, this is a perfect example of a candidate who realizes that they need the young black voters on their side to win, but completely misses the mark when it comes to things that matter to us. Do you know what young black voters really care about? Our lives mattering to the justice system and the next President of the United States acknowledging that. But you’ve stated on the record that you think members of the Black Lives Matter movement are “bullies” and that Mike Brown was a “bad actor.”

Instead of listening to us when we speak about what issues will encourage us to vote for you, you gave us a rap ad. That will play on urban radio. Because all young black voters like the “hippity-hop,” right?

Let this be a lesson to any current and future presidential candidates: if you want the black millennial vote, LISTEN. We’ve been speaking and we’ve been sharing what we want if you take office. Don’t try to reduce your reach to us with dry stereotypes and impersonal ads. Do better, Dr. Carson.

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