Bernice King spoke out against Trump Friday after his racist "s***hole countries" comment hit the fan. King, who is the activist daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Corretta Scott King, took to Facebook live to share her thoughts on Trump's bigotry. 

“We’ve heard so many things from him via Twitter and otherwise that have been extremely troubling to our humanity,” she said. 

As she expresses her sentiments, she adds that she would like for Trump to control his Twitter fingers at least for the National Holiday of MLK day. She hopes that Trump will “suspend any effort at tweeting something negative or insulting.” King added that she hopes “that he will use his Twitter account on the King holiday to really respect the spirit, the heart and legacy of Dr. King by tweeting positive and uplifting messages.”

When the outlandish comment first surfaced, Bernice King took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

King also took time to recognize her mother Corretta Scott King and how, without her activism, there would be no MLK Day. At the time of this post, Trump took to Twitter less than an hour ago to go on about the Democrats and his goal to make America great again. 

A "Happy MLK Day" Tweet thrown in there would have been nice, but to expect Trump to not make every day about himself would just be too much.