For as long as can be remembered, BET has been the “it” place for black content on television. ‘Rap City: Tha Basement’, ‘Access Granted’, ‘College Hill’, the list goes on. The memories. From our music to our movies (Anyone up for a rerun of ‘Baby Boy’?), even our news. Viacom, the parent company to BET announced that the network will be doing some rebranding. In the same way that MTV Jams is now BET Jams since October of last year, BET has taken over the beloved VH1 Soul network that has always been popular for it’s 24-hour block of melodious, classic as well as new soul soothing music videos, but with a new name; BET Soul.

This network change became effective December 28th of 2015, and BET took to twitter to make the announcement official:

“BET Networks is thrilled to infuse more music content within its brand providing viewers with more access to their favorite artists through exclusive content and essentially super-serving them with the ultimate soul experience,” states a BET representative.

Views on the big switcharoo are still up in the air.

Some seem to be a bit open to the revamp.

Others? Not so much.

One of you care to break the news?

We’ll give BET a little time to see how this pans out. Some of the content many of us miss so much could make a comeback. You may just find yourself running home to catch ‘Rap City: Tha Basement’, just like old times. Something new may even catch your eye. How do you feel about the change?

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr