I am exhausted. I’m not sure when I reached the level of adulthood where my career would deplete my energy reserve more than my personal life, but this isn’t what I signed up for. Is this what any of us have signed up for? Like many folks, I am in a never-ending cycle of wanting to resign while taking my place in the great resignation movement, as 4.3 million people did last December.

Out of that lump sum number, one in five people said it was “very or somewhat difficult” to find new employment. To be even more transparent, that’s where my real frustration lies. Trying to find new positions where the application process doesn’t require one to jump through a multitude of hurdles as if my mother named me Simone Biles. The unrealistic projects to test my skill set, the lack of follow-up and the insistence that I go through three or more rounds of interviews before facing rejection are why I jumped for joy when my imaginary big sister Beyoncé belted, “I just quit my job” on “Break My Soul.”