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Beyoncé Stans Have Made White Sheets Fashionable With The #ApeSh*tChallenge

If you ain't racist, grab your white sheets.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's joint album, Everything is Love, has only been out a week and stans have already found a way to pay homage to the visual for their single "Apes**t."

They say imitation is a form of flattery and with that the internet has blessed us with the  #Apesh*tchallenge

Glorious images of Queen Bey and Hov surrounded by timeless masterpieces in the Louvre has dominated conversations online. But one moment from the Ricky Saiz-directed video stood out among the grandiose camera shots and dynamic choreography. 

That moment is none other than Bey dancing in front of the classical Hellenistic winged victory of Samothrace statue. Super fans took it and ran with it.


As silly as it seemed seeing Bey fling around an oversized white gown to and fro, watching her stans recreate this moment is sure to make you cackle a bit. 

Folks went out to their local Walmart to buy some white sheets and went well... apesh*t.

Even Bey's protégés, Chole and Halle, had to get on the act. 

This may the first time in history white sheets are a positive thing.  

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