Blavity covered the all-women’s ice skating team, Figure Skating in Harlem, which has been chosen to model for Beyoncé's clothing line. 

To endorse her Ivy Park sportswear, Bey featured the Figure Skating in Harlem team as models for her clothes in a promotional video to spotlight the group and its principles of empowerment. 

Figure Skating in Harlem was founded by Sharon Cohen. With mostly black and Hispanic girls on the team, Cohen hoped to boost representation on the ice and create a program through which the girls could encourage each other to become their greatest selves. Being on the team, the girls are required to take science and technology classes twice a week and have tutoring and counseling opportunities at their disposal. With the right materials presented to them, all of the young women are encouraged to use the sense of dedication they learned on the ice and apply it to seeking higher education. 

“It feels good to have someone always by your side, knowing that you’re not going through this along – that’s the best part about having a team,” the narrating voice in IVY PARK’s promo video said. 

Cohen plans to expand Figure Skating in Harlem and begin a second chapter in Detroit. With Beyoncé endorsing her goals, team and mission, this dream should be all the more obtainable. 

“We believe that, given access to artistic sports like figure skating, girls will soar in all areas of their lives and be better equipped to accomplish their dreams,” Cohen told Vogue. “Beyoncé is a fierce, authentically powerful woman of color. She inspires young women and girls globally who look just like her to do the exact same – to be fearless, free, and proud of themselves.”

As the girls approached modeling for Beyoncé with a zeal, and showed off their skating techniques in the Ivy Park video, they have shown the world what commitment and fearlessness look like with fierceness and a heavy heaping of Black Girl Magic. 

“The ice is my canvas, my blades are my paintbrush, I am the artist,” the narrator said.