What do you get the woman who has it all? Apparently, a fabulous ring she will re-gift to an art and design museum.

JAY-Z once gifted Bey a lovely Papillon ring, shaped like a sparkling green butterfly. According to The Guardian, London's Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum announced Friday, the ring will now be displayed in one of its galleries, thanks to Bey. 

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The ring, with its titanium wings and encrusted green tsavorites, was designed by London-based jeweler Glenn Spiro in 2014.

“Beyoncé is a figure whose personal style the V&A is proud to represent and a gift from whose personal collection we are honoured to receive," said jewelry curator, Clare Phillips. “The Papillon ring she has gifted is an exquisite example of contemporary jewellery design by one of Britain’s master jewellers.”

According to Mashable, Phillips added the ring now sits "alongside jewels associated with some of history’s most notable women," such as Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great and the Empress Josephine.

She legit re-gifted the Roc! She's a queen. 

For those in London who would like to see the ring in person, the Papillon ring will be displayed in the V&A's William and Judith Bollinger jewelry gallery.

Photo: GIPHY