Big Sean is more than just a rapper, and he continues to prove that through giving back to the city that made him: Detroit. With his Sean Anderson Foundation he started with his mother in 2012, one of his life's missions is to take care of his city and the people in it.

"My roots are tied to the city of Detroit," Sean told E! News in 2016. "It's a city that needs a lot. Detroit public schools are full of kids who can't afford clothes or books. I really felt the need to give back. The first thing we did was donate backpacks with tons of school supplies and paid for school uniforms for kids who couldn't afford them. At the beginning, the foundation didn't have much money and initially, the money spent was out of my own pocket."

This time is no different; he's just found a way to do things bigger.

Hot New Hip Hop reports Sean along with Emagine Entertainment Inc. plan to open a luxury movie theater in 2020. The movie theater will be a multiplex with 10 to 12 screens, 1300 seats and a 300-seat auditorium that will be a multi-functional venue. This is a huge deal for the city. They hope to secure a location by the end of the year, and Paul Glantz, co-founder of Emagine, said the complex will be in an "underserved" area.

Big Sean is hoping to make this experience impactful for his city. 

"There is no major movie theater in the city of Detroit — this makes no sense to me," Sean said in a statement, "I feel that it is necessary to build a theater in the city, not only because of the joy and inspiration movies will bring to people's lives, but I hope this theater will become a hub of creativity — a place for intimate concerts, lectures, meetings, and other events." 

Salute to Sean for believing in the value of creativity! As easy as it is to do things that make sense financially, he is finding a way to innovate an entire community and keep them entertained.