When it comes to money, rapper Foxy Brown whose real name is Inga Marchand, is not the one to play with. If this economic climate has shown us anything, it’s that no one wants to work for free.

In a recent interview on Angela Yee‘s Lip Service podcast, actor/comedian Bill Bellamy shared a hilarious throwback story that not only humbled him but reminded everyone who the real “bad mama jamma” was.

The incident took place in 1997 on the music video set for “Big Bad Mama,” Foxy Brown’s single alongside R&B group Dru Hill. The song was featured on the soundtrack of Def Jam’s How to Be a Player, a film in which Bellamy starred as the character Drayton “Dray” Jackson. 

For those not familiar with the video, or those who just need a reminder of how much Foxy Brown and Dru Hill bodied this song and video, check it out.

According to Bellamy, the video was being shot in New York’s Financial District and, ironically enough, Brown was refusing to leave her trailer until she had been compensated.

“I’m thinking I’m the star of the video because it’s my movie,” Bellamy recalls during the interview. “Because I’m mad. I’m sitting in the trailer for like three hours, and nobody was giving me the right story. Nobody was telling me the truth.”

Frustrated and without answers, Bellamy says he took it upon himself to find out what the holdup was. That’s when he found out from the platinum-certified rapper that she had not been paid. What made matters even worse was that she wanted to be paid in cash.

“Yo! It’s three o’clock in the morning. How the f**k is she going to get cash,” Bellamy joked.

But when you’re a Big Bad Mama, no request is too extravagant — a lesson Bellamy soon found out.

“Out of nowhere, a big ass Mercedes came up and drops a couple of paper bags, and she was like.. [dances]” Bellamy recalled.

Nothing comes between a queen and her paper. Watch the hilarious retelling of Foxy Brown knowing her worth below.


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