A Billboard headline wrongly attributed a Corinne Bailey Rae hit to a white singer and Twitter isn't having in the least bit.

According to Billboard, Jack Rutter, who uses the stage name Ritt Momney, went viral in April with the cover he produced as part of a make-up challenge on TikTok. Billboard writer Josh Glicksman featured him in a profile published on Friday titled "Ritt Momney Doesn't Care If 'Put Your Records On' Is His Only Pop Hit."


"You know the songs that you just have memorized your whole life? It was totally one of those songs for me," the Salt Lake City singer told Billboard of his cover. "My mom really loves that song — around when it came out, she’d play it all the time. It reminded me of writing in the back of my mom’s minivan and a much simpler time. It has always been the epitome of a joyful, hopeful song for me."

While many took issue with the cover of the song being done by a white man, the crux of the issue was the headline's suggestion Ritt Momney could stake any claim to the 2006 hit.