It looks like one of the nation's elite is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to assisting the people of Flint, Michigan, who — to this day — still do not have complete access to clean water. The water crisis, which began in April 2014, has been the source of significant frustration among activists, sparking questions and concerns as to why more hasn't been done to fix it. 

One particular billionaire, tech mogul Elon Musk, has vowed to step up to the plate.

On Wednesday, July 11, the Tesla CEO responded to one Twitter user's question regarding the criticism he received after offering to aid the Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave, per Bloomberg. The group was later rescued, without Musk's help, and the submersible his staff designed came under fire, with many accusing the tech titan of using the crisis as an opportunity for free advertising.

Musk's work on the Thai issue and his replies to his critics had some asking why he wasn't putting in that same level of effort to solve crises closer to home:

Soon after, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver responded to Musk's tweet in order to move forward with a formal discussion:

On Thursday, July 12, Mari Copeny, aka Lil Miss Flint, confirmed she and her team had been working with Musk for over a week:

Musk also provided an email address for residents to request specific help and added an award incentive for volunteers willing to assist in water filter installations:

Other Twitter users commented on how disappointed they were that a private citizen was doing what the government should have done long ago:

For her part, Copeny is continuing her mission to sell T-shirts as a means of fundraising to help Flint kids. You can purchase them at

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