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Black celebs we want back on 'SNL' — ASAP

Chris RockEddie Murphy and Kevin Hart, oh my! Some of the best comedians in the business have shown off their skills on the Saturday Night Live stage during its 41 seasons on-air. But they aren’t the only ones who’ve gotten audiences to cry laughing. Some of SNL’s most hysterical moments happened when our favorite celebrities stopped by. Check out this list of celebs we would love to see make another SNL appearance.


“I’m on a Boat” has become one of SNL’s top skits.  


Some of his funniest work was as an SNL host. Maybe we can make #DrakeOnSNL a thing...

Cuba Gooding, Jr. 

Seeing Cuba Gooding, Jr. back on SNL would be a great complement to his current dramatic work on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki as Kim Kardashian? Hilarious.

Tracy Morgan

It never gets old seeing this former cast member back on the show.


Her reactions in the "Single Ladies" skit were priceless. It would be great to see her reprise her role as, well, herself!  

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

He was so young when he hosted back in season 12! How fun would it be see him back on now that he’s older and wiser?


Oprah hosted SNL in 1986 right around the launch of her talk show. We’d love to see her slay the stage 30 years later. And with #OprahAlwaysOnBeat floating around, she and Beyonce could pair up for an unstoppable episode. #wishfulthinking

Snoop Dogg

Snoop back on the show would be the funniest thing ever. He could discuss his thoughts on the Friends reunion!

David Alan Grier

When we saw him in The Wiz: Live, we were reminded of his magic. We wish he could grace the SNL stage with it once again.

Kerry Washington

She did a fantastic job playing every black woman ever while hosting during season 39. We know she’d kill it if she hosted again.

Tim Meadows

He’s one of the longest-running cast members on SNL (he worked on the show for almost 10 years). We know he would get us giggling.

Damon Wayans

He's consistently funny. Plus, he could bring Damon, Jr. with him.

Gabourey Sidibe

She’s so funny on Empire, we want to her doing more comedy!

Halle Berry

She's known for dramatic roles, but we’d love to see Halle Berry show us more of her funny side.

The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson)

It would be hilarious if he brought his Taylor Swift dance moves to SNL.  

Rosario Dawson

After seeing her in Top Five, she could certainly hold her own with the comedy pros of SNL.  


A man of many talents, we always love to see Ludacris let loose.

Taraji P. Henson

The queen of shenanigans, she’s perfect for SNL and should be on the show more often.

Jamie Foxx

A classic comedian who we can’t help but wish could be on SNL every week.  

Honorable Mentions

These folks haven’t hosted before but would definitely be tons of fun on the show!   

Sasheer Zamata, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharaoh, Leslie Jones and Michael Che

They’re already part of the SNL cast, but we’d like to see them as leads!

Amber Rose

This feminist has a sense of humor! She turned slut-shaming on its head in a fantastic partnership with Funny or Die and was hysterical playing Charlie’s ex-love on Black-ish. She would easily make a kickass SNL host.

Jussie Smollett


He was pretty funny on New Girl, but imagine if Prince’s expression-less face was on “Black Jeopardy.” 100 percent perfection.
Saturday night live
Saturday night live
Photo: mtv.com

Who would you like to see back on SNL? Let us know in the coments below!

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