Eastern Michigan University (EMU) officials are investigating after a Black baby doll was found hanging in a dorm room shower.

The doll was discovered on Monday by a resident adviser, according to The Detroit News. A video from a witness shows the toy hanging from a shower rod in a shared bathroom using a noose made from clothing.

The person who placed the doll in the shower was a guest of a student who lived in the suite and said it was a prank. The person also claimed they meant no harm. EMU disregarded the student’s account and is moving forward with the investigation.

“Eastern Michigan takes this matter very seriously,” the university said in a statement. “There is absolutely no place at Eastern for hateful and racist actions, regardless of their intent. At this time, the University continues to investigate the incident and will take appropriate steps upon completion of the investigation.”

An EMU Housing and Residence Life source told the Eastern Echo the offender would most likely be charged with ethnic intimidation. If found guilty, the person could be in prison for up to two years and issued a $5,000 fine.

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