A Drake University student found a threatening note slid under their dorm door commanding them to leave the Iowa school. 

According to The Des Moines Register, campus security was contacted Wednesday when the note was discovered. Students have since shared the letter online with the hashtag #ThisIsDrake, bringing attention to the alleged rampant racism on campus. 

The note, written on loose-leaf paper, read: "We’ve decided that we no longer want [you] on our campus. Which means you need to leave or else.” There was a reference to an animal, and the suspect reportedly wrote the N-word in the note.

Anika Boyert, a senior studying secondary education, found out about the note due to others' efforts. 

“What’s being done for our personal safety, at this point?” Boyert asked The Register. “Because this is a threat. The fact that it happens on a consistent basis, to me, it means there’s not enough being done.”

Erin Lain, the associate provost for campus equity and inclusion, told local news outlet WHOTV this incident was the first of its kind this semester. School officials have launched an investigation while reconciling students. Under Iowa law, the note could be considered a hate crime.

“We pride ourselves in being inclusive and celebrating diversity and these types of instances that happen on campus and around the nation really just really degrade who we are as a community,” Lain said.

An email was sent Thursday echoing the statement above. The student at the center of this incident has asked to remain anonymous. Students, however, have decided to take action. 

In the days following, Drake students have launched the #PaintItBlack movement to fight the racism they have experienced. 

“Emails and safe spaces are fine, but what can we do to be proactive in making sure this doesn’t happen?” Boyert said.

School officials will hold a rally in Helmick Commons on Wednesday, November 14 at noon.

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