After a racist threat and Nazi symbols were found in a Goucher College bathroom, students have taken action demanding justice. 

The racist threat was discovered in a dorm bathroom Wednesday, sparking a daylong protest on Friday. An unidentified suspect allegedly wrote “I’m gonna kill all n****s” on a wall, along with a Nazi swastika, reports the Baltimore Sun. Reports state the room numbers of students were also written in the bathroom. Room number 104 — one of the dorms singled out — was used as a call for solidarity during the protests.

The bathroom is shared with three other dorms belonging to Black students. A student saw the graffiti around 10:50 a.m. and reported it to security, according to CBS Baltimore.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” said Adam Jones, a junior philosophy major, when he heard someone say “police.”

According to Jones, the knock was a safety check. 

“The whole point of her knocking on the door was to make sure I wasn’t dead on the floor,” Jones said. “It just kind of sunk in. Someone does want to kill me because of the color of my skin.”

Over the past few years, racial incidents have rocked the Maryland college campus. There were four incidents last year. College officials have responded to such incidents by installing an estimated 40 security cameras, implementing a “Race, Power and Perspective” requirement curriculum and recently completed a multi-year partnership with Baltimore Racial Justice Action. 

“I’ve seen white supremacy be tolerated. Now, students are angry. White supremacists are getting pretty bold now with Donald Trump as president," JaVaunte Neumann, 21, a junior majoring in political science, told the Baltimore Sun. "We are at the point where we can’t wait for the administration or Baltimore County Police.” 

The school released a statement via Twitter addressing students and announcing its next moves to find out who committed the act.

“The College looks forward to working collaboratively with our students, to ultimately move forward from this incident, and work to create the just and equitable community which we aspire to be,” Goucher spokeswoman Tara de Souza said in an email statement.

The Baltimore County Police department has launched an investigation. However, students are demanding the school require racial bias training for students and campus discussions on race.

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