These past few weeks have been hard.  Like many of you I’ve been glued to my Twitter and Instagram feeds see eye witness accounts of the events in Ferguson, Missouri. A huge part of Blavity’s mission is to connect you to content that may not make it to your T.V. screens or Facebook streams. To that end, we compiled a short roundup of media that you might have missed.  Feel free to comment at the bottom with links to other articles or content that should be re-shared.


First,  The Washington Post made a great video that explores the feelings and emotions of African American men in Ferguson as the wrestle to deal with the reality of their lives.


Orlando Jones does possibly the best Ice Bucket Challenge we’ve ever seen. He is raising awareness, but he’s not using ice water. 

John Oliver from Last Week Tonight, gives you 15 minutes of realness on Ferguson, key players, and the role that media continues to play in the coverage. #realtalk

Finally, Queen Lauryn gives one of the most incredible tributes to Mike Brown, and the captures the pain we know all too well.