We all know what Kanye West said about parties in Los Angeles, but there is certainly still room for turning up on the best coast. We already live in paradise, so let's celebrate!

Especially in today's extra racially tense climate, black folks need to escape to a place where we can be our most carefree. Here are seven parties in Los Angeles to get your life:

1.  Kiss N Grind

Photo: M Sison Photography

This party has been a staple in black LA for a minute, but its popularity really shot through the roof when it was featured in HBO's Insecure. When Issa, Molly and Kelli head out to scope a few cuties in the season 2 episode, "Hella LA," folks all around the nation were wondering what this kissing and grinding was all about. Headed by Victor Duplaix, Kiss N Grind varies from naughty to nice, with straight club parties to take a courage shot and grind on your next honey or legit family outdoor gatherings! 

2. A Sip With Issa Rae 

Photo: Issa Rae Presents

Going along with the Issa Rae theme, y'all need to know about her A Sip series! Hosted at Issa Rae's studio location in Inglewood, A Sip is a day to mingle with other folks with a glass of Ciroc-based cocktail in your hand and watch a panel featuring dope celebrities such as Ava DuVernay, Kenya Barris, Barry Jenkins, Regina King and Lena Waithe! For a ticket price of $20-30, you get a Ciroc open bar, food and several mic drops from your fave! A Sip is brought to you by Issa Rae Productions, Color Creative TV and The Peak. 

3. Afrolituation

Photo: Afrolituation

Where my Afrobeats heads at?! I only really got into Afrobeats within the last couple of years, but these are my confessions. First off, the name of the party is oh-so-lit. Second, the party boasts itself as "LA's Biggest African Experience Party." Sounds like my kind of time! Afrolituation is hosted by Amplify Africa, which aims to provide multiple platforms for the African diaspora. 

4. World70

Photo: Yohance Serrant

If you're an LA resident and have ever experienced the black boy joy that is Yohance Serrant, you are blessed! Serrant is the face behind Bashment Boogie, a party where you were guaranteed to sweat out your perm. Now, the folks behind FADE L.A. is serving you disco and '80s realness with a little '90s sprinkled in between via World70. This dope party will take you back, way back… back into time. Up until 1992. Get your life! 


Photo: COLORS / Facebook

Where my R&B fans at?! If you're in the mood for R&B-only nights, COLORS got you! COLORS tours all around North America to give you what you need so you can bob and sway to your favorite good lovin' tune. Plus, the group offers comedy shows, too! And there's merch! The folks behind COLORS are so multi-faceted! 

6. Bless Up

Photo: @11onevisuals

This name, first of all. You already know you about to have some DJ Khaled-level fun. Brought to you by Noir Social, Bless Up is – as they put it – "transformative bi-weekly Dancehall/Reggae/Afro Beat riddim infused celebration that guides the beat in your soul." With that description, I really don't see how you could miss this! My body and soul are ready! 

7. Trap Karaoke 

Photo: Jay Tovar

Most folks are probably familiar with this one, as it has blown alllll the way up! Yes, I know it's a "trap" version of everything, but this party is without-a-doubt one of the most fun I've been to in a long time. The fact that you can blend the silly fun of singing karaoke with a massive swag surf?! HEAVEN. Folks like Amanda Seales, 2 Chainz, Lebron James and Pastor Troy have made appearances and gotten their karaoke life. Trap Karaoke tours all over North America, so… as they say, "assemble your squadron." 

What other parties do you dig in the city of angels? It's time to take the glow from this sunshine and turn all the way up!