An Atlanta cop recently tased a 17-year-old for vaping and allegedly “resisting arrest,” and many are slamming the officer for using excessive force in the matter.

The incident went down at the city’s Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park late last week, and it was caught on video by a bystander. The video opens with a white female officer yelling for the Black male teen, Terion Forston, to “get on the ground” as she points her taser at him. Forston can’t be heard speaking in the video, but he seemingly doesn’t comply with the command. She then tases him twice, and he falls to the ground—shaking—after the second hit.

As Forston is on the ground, the officer yells at him to “Get on the f**king ground” and then forces him onto his back, presumably to handcuff the teen.

An eyewitness named Brendon Aldridge provided his take on the situation.

“I was scared because, you know, past events, of police officers and Black people, you expect him to be shot, but she didn’t,” he began. “He was only vaping. She asked him for his I.D. He was being calm; he wasn’t being like, ‘No, F.U., I’m not going to show you my I.D.’ And she tased him. It was crazy because while he was on the ground, shaking, she was like, ‘Get down, get down,” like he isn’t on the ground right now.”

Aldridge added that the situation got “even crazier” after other officers arrived on the scene and were “dapping each other up, saying ‘What’s up?’, and hugging.”