Beauty bloggers can't stop and won't stop when it comes to blackface.

Having not learned from the backlash to the this white-to-black "transformation" or the #ChocolateChallenge, Turkish beauty blogger Perçem Akin posted a since-deleted picture on Instagram and video on YouTube of a blackface "transformation."

Black Twitter wasted no time in dragging Akin for the blackface and for using the hashtag #slave on her Instagram post. Turkish Twitter and most of the other Twitters joined in, too.

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Kathleen Lights, the last beauty blogger to be publicly dragged for doing something racist said that she said the n-word "accidentally."

What excuse did Akin give?

"This post is for a movie character in my country. Directors came and asked me: Could you do this? And the movie is about the fucking racism which is rising all around the world. So this is not my design and not my idea, because I am just a makeup artist not director, you know," she told Buzzfeed.

Akin didn't explain why she didn't turn the job, or at least try to do it low-key.

Making matters worse, Akin said that she was hired to do the blackface because there are no black models in Turkey.

"We are not living in America or Africa, so finding any black model is so difficult in here. I have never think that this is racist while I am doing this. I just try to see pure beauty behind the pain who have it."

Too, Akin pushed back on those that claimed she wrote "#slave" under her Instagram post. She claims that the post read "#slayer."

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