In a one-on-one with LinkedIn Editors, Blavity Co-Founder, Jonathan Jackson dropped one minute and fifty-six seconds of pure, flawless, unadulterated gems on why brands should pivot their approach to black audiences.

Donning a black shirt that read, "Black people don't follow trends, we create them" Jackson succinctly makes the case for how mainstream advertisers who overlook the influence of black consumers do so to their own detriment.

"Our buying power is undeniable, our influence is undeniable, and where we live and what we do influences popular culture at a rate that no one else has ever seen before," he said. 

As you probably known, these sentiments were recently supported by Nielsen research

 "As things have shifted and our influence has been codified, the need for advertisers to reach us has shifted," Jackson said.  "I think black audiences not only deserve beautiful experiences, we just deserve products that reflect the beauty and grace with which we live our lives."

Amen, Jonathan.

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