News of Kobe
Bryant's tragic passing on January 26 shocked fans across the world.

According to a Tweet from The Alchemist author Paulo Coelho, Bryant was developing a book with the award-winning writer, before his death. In the tweet Coelho expressed that he sees no point in continuing the project, and would be deleting the draft. 

It’s still unknown if Coelho actually deleted the outline, but we do know about many other creative writing projects Bryant developed. Aside from his iconic 20-season-long career with the Lakers and multiple championships, Bryant found time amidst retirement to develop a multimedia company named Granity Studios, which produces content for young adults. Among the material are five sport-centric stories, some with magical motifs. Currently, Granity Studios occupies the top-three spots on the Middle-Grade Hardcover segment of the upcoming New York Times’ best-sellers listLegacy And The Queen is No. 1, followed by Epoca: The Tree Of Ecrof and The Wizenard: Training Camp.

To honor his work and legacy — not just as an athlete but as a storyteller — here are five stories from Kobe Bryant.

1. The Wizenard Series: Training Camp by Wesley King

Centered around a basketball team in an underprivileged community, The Wizenard Series: Training Camp follows the West Bottom Badgers, who can't seem to find a winning rhythm on the court. They’re known for always coming in last place, until their new coach Professor Wizenard arrives. The kids on the team encounter daily poverty, with each teammate having their own inner conflict and issues at home. When Coach Wizenard shows up at training camp, magical things start happening and winning seems to be in the team’s near future. The Wizenard Series: Training Camp is a compelling story teaching young readers the importance of teamwork, self-reflection and perseverance. 

  2. The Wizenard Series: Season One by Wesley King

The Wizenard Series: Season One follows a basketball hopeful named Reggie. Game after game, Reggie warms the bench, watching as his team, the West Bottom Badgers, lose countless matches. In order for Reggie to help his team and himself, he must get through vigorous training, while some strange magical powers loom over the gym. Bryant shares the importance of hard work and discipline with readers. If a dream is worth it, go after it! 

3. Legacy and the Queen by Annie Matthew

Legacy and the Queen intertwines magic with tennis. Readers follow a young girl named Legacy while she discovers her powers and passion for the sport. Legacy helps her father, who runs an orphanage in the land of Nova. The orphanage is on the brink of closing down, forcing Legacy to muster up the courage to try out for the Sille tournament — one of the biggest events in all the Kingdom). The odds may not seem in Legacy's favor, since her opponents have been training for this tournament all season.

Phylicia Rashad voiced the audio version for this book. It's an excellent story about overcoming adversity, and the importance of facing fears head-on and following dreams.

4. Epoca: The Tree of Ecrof by Ivy Claire

Epoca brings readers to a world of fantasy and sports where Grana (magic) enchants the environment. Rovi and Pretia are children of lower-class parents, but they are granted permission to attend the top competitive sports academy in the kingdom. They've hidden their true identities from the other students. However, when Epoca is suddenly on the brink of evil forces, Rovi and Pretia are the duo who might have to save the kingdom.

5. The Mamba Mentality: How I Play by Kobe Bryant

Bryant breaks down how he achieved his basketball stardom, through hard work, intense training and healthy living, otherwise known as his "mamba" mentality. In his own words, he dissects the game that he loved and how others can concur basketball by studying their opponent, playing through upset and using other techniques.

The Mamba Mentality is a fascinating read for people of all ages, showcasing an introduction by Bryant’s former coach, Phil Jackson, a foreword by fellow former Laker Pau Gasol and pictures by famed sports photographer Andrew D. Bernstein.

Kobe Bryant's projects outside of basketball translated into fantastic work that can be enjoyed by generations to come. Thanks to his work with Granity Studios, his mark on the world can last forever through his literary work. As a great athlete, father, husband and friend, his magic will now live on.