Angel Reese has been on a tear during her first WNBA campaign. As a rookie, she’s already set a record for consecutive double-doubles for a rookie. The number currently stands at 11 as of this writing, but there’s also no end in sight. Reese’s career couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. However, just as I began to assert that in my mind, I came across another bit of exciting news. The 2024 seventh pick was voted by fans as an Eastern Conference all-star! That’s right, the rookie forward, who is setting new records, is now being recognized by the fans, as one of the league’s best.

There is so much beauty in the success that the Chicago Sky’s leading rebounder is having. Of course, her competitive rivalry with Caitlin Clark always will be a headline, but it’s beautiful that Reese delivers. Like, none of the hoopla would matter if she wasn’t a legit player among the pros. With all the noise that we in the media contribute to, she has found a way to block it out. She has focused on cementing her role not only in the Sky but in the WNBA.

Photo: Quinn Harris via Getty Images

Making the all-star team in your first season is quite the feat. It’s also pretty amazing to do with the physical style in which Reese plays. It isn’t the easiest style to sustain through a season, but with the direction of my favorite, Teresa Weatherspoon, it’s all possible. The star forward’s play sets a great example for young ladies looking to make their splash in the league one day as well. It’s a grind above all else, but having a strong support system is paramount.

Phoenix Arizona is the sight of this year’s all-star game. By the time, Reese gets to the all-star break, she’ll be in the neighborhood of averaging just under 12 rebounds per game. That’s a monster number for any player, much less a rookie. The value that she is providing her team with is frankly, invaluable. It’s a perfect marriage for these two entities. Who knows what a post-season run looks like for the Sky, but from the looks of things, their long-term future is bright. Any success that ensues from this season on can be attributed to being touched by an Angel.