As we inch closer to the Paris Olympics, we are gearing up for Team USA and LeBron James’ dominance over the global field. Whichever way the Olympics pans out, it’ll cap off an eventful summer for James. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer signed a two-year $104 million deal recently. Not to mention, the Los Angeles Lakers drafted his son Bronny James with the 55th pick. Heading into his 22nd season what is left for “The King” to accomplish? The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t slated to be in title contention. And, although still an elite talent, James doesn’t take over games as he used to over extended stretches. Understandably that seems to put a cap on what the team can accomplish.

If Team USA brings home gold this summer, it’ll be James’ third. It will tie Carmelo Anthony’s record of three Olympic gold medals as well. To many, it would be a fly start to the perennial all-star’s 22nd season. But the NBA season will be a different beast. Playing under yet another NBA rookie head coach, James and the Lakers have to find their stride early to have a chance at post-season success.

Photo: Ethan Miller via Getty Images

With the addition of Bronny to the Lakers, there’s a big chance that father and son may take the court together this season. If so, it’ll be the first time this has ever happened in NBA history. It’s a special moment waiting to happen once Bronny is ready. There’s much intrigue in seeing if this tandem will be a part of a winning formula for the “Lakeshow.” But, at the very least, we as consumers will be able to see what’s possible in the realm of sports.

Aside from championship aspirations, James can still make history this season. Many of us know that Vince Carter also played 22 seasons in the NBA as well. But as with many other great players, by that stage of their career, their best days are behind them. In his 22nd season. Vince Carter wasn’t averaging nearly what he did for his career. However, in the world of LeBron, that just isn’t a thing. James is entering this season slated to average his normal upwards of 20 points per game. He will undoubtedly become the highest-performing athlete of his kind ever. Contracted through a 23rd season, there’s no end in sight.

Photo: Ethan Miller via Getty Images

In no way do I think James will phone it in this season. He’s a competitor of the highest order. But what lays before him are sentimental accolades. The Lakers can win another title soon. Thought it’s not likely. Still, James has an opportunity to create memories with his son. He has an opportunity to create history in places where no one else is. If he were to average over 20 points per game in a 23rd season, how crazy would that be? It’s unprecedented. He wouldn’t be number one, he’d be the only one to reach such a plateau. These aforementioned reasons could be part of his desire to compete. At the very least, it’s enough to keep me watching. How about you?