Michael Jordan is a legendary sports figure. What he is most known for outside of his championship runs is his competitive nature. He has an insatiable desire to win. He has a gear that he was able to go to as a player that very few have. He is incessant in his pursuits. After his retirement in 2003, most wondered what was next. Well, his Charlotte Hornets ownership came first. But once he sold his majority shares, he recently took his talents to NASCAR. Seems random right? Maybe not so much.

The one thing that has always worked exceedingly well in Jordan’s professional career was basketball. As a basketball player, he was unequivocally one of the greats. As an executive, since leaving the court, he has been a far cry from that. In February 2010, Jordan purchased a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets. In his 13 years owning the franchise, they only made the playoffs on three occasions. To most, his stint there is seen as somewhat of a disappointment. So, in 2023, he stepped away.

Known for his proclivity to gamble, it seems that Jordan is always seeking to scratch that competitive itch. Most recently, he created his own NASCAR team that he owns called 23XI Racing. Having spent much of his adolescence in the Carolinas, NASCAR racing is part of the culture down there. So, as much as it may seem random for a Black man to own a NASCAR team, best believe these guys feel connected to the product.

Most recently, 23XI secured its first win in April at Talladega. A win in which you can see Jordan relish in the triumph of the championship. With seemingly relief, and joy on his face, it seems like he might’ve figured it out. What’s cool about Jordan’s ownership stake in NASCAR is that he is only the second Black owner in NASCAR currently. And of the two Black drivers in NASCAR, one of the most prolific rides with him. Bubba Wallace races for 23XI. With his crossover appeal, charm and prowess, it seems he is a perfect addition to a team with a great core.

From the looks of things, 23XI has already exceeded any success that the Hornets have. The executive ills of Jordan’s past are slowly beginning to be a distant memory. All the while, Jordan continues to blaze a new trail in the world of NASCAR not only as an owner but now, as a winner. Can these wins rival the joy of hoisting a Larry O’Brien trophy? Probably not, but for a man who has been retired for 21 years, the wins today must be the next best thing.