Under normal circumstances, the fight to end the unlawful slaughter of Black lives should not be held in the same regard as the fight to go back to getting buzz cuts and uneven bangs. However, like everything else involving white people, their whiteness and narrow cage of entitlement has been prioritized. In late May, when video footage captured  four Minnesota policemen murdering George Floyd, a 46 year old Black man, protests erupted all over the United States in major cities including Minneapolis (where the event transpired), Los Angeles and Atlanta. As we march through the streets to demand justice, we can’t help but note that responses from law enforcement look considerably different than when backwoods banshees protested the stay-at-home ordinance last month.

Simply put, Black people don’t have the luxury — or the privilege — to invade government buildings in a tizzy over misplaced anger. When armed right-wing terrorist groups are able to parade
through a capitol building with no repercussions while we are blazed with tear gas and rubber bullets, that sends a clear message — white privilege is real. As we fight two pandemics, it’s important now more than ever to call out how, once again, we have to fight for the right to simply live. We’ve compiled a list of instances where the police response to lockdown protests pale in comparison to how they are reacting to the protests over George Floyd’s murder.

The differences in detaining protesters.

The differences in these protests go beyond state lines. Notice how the visual in Minnesota depicts the police force gleefully tossing the George Floyd protesters around like rag dolls while they gently let the anti-lockdown Karens, Beckys and Toms spit vulgarities at them and not move an inch. Disgusting.

The differences in force used against protesters.

Take a look at how Moe, Curly and Larry have their rifles and grenades pointed toward the crowd. Do you notice how protesters are literally running from these badge carrying demons we call police officers? Can you think of any lockdown protests that had the colonizers running in fear of being physically harmed? Probably not because it didn’t happen.

Last month, protesters in Michigan stormed the capitol with guns ready to cause terror. In Minnesota, protesters gathered because the big boys in blue murdered George Floyd. Why is only one of these protests cause for violence and mayhem towards the individuals exercising their rights?

Aside from "Cool Whip and the Gang" being too close for comfort, police in Sacramento allowed lockdown protesters to voice whatever grievances they had with no force ensuing. We all know what would’ve went down had the hue of those protesters been just a tad darker. We know because we’ve been seeing it for the past week.

To be frank, the protesters in Minnesota have been unarmed so the police force’s use of lethal weapons is egregious. How can they feel the need to assault peaceful protesters while letting armed white militia groups roam around government buildings wielding rifles? What sense does that make?

The differences in labeling the protesters.

Why are we referring to the George Floyd protests as riots when the “2 Racist Crew” in Michigan decided that their entitlement meant more than people’s health? White protesters clogging up roads and blocking ambulances is not considered attempted murder, but Black people marching to bring awareness against police brutality is labeled a riot. How Sway?

The differences in restraint used during protests.

If we want to take the route of arresting anyone for violence, let’s start with law enforcement inciting savagery by hurling rubber bullets and tear gas into the unprovoked demonstrations for George Floyd. Where was this energy when “Donald’s Angels” showered them with threats and screaming?