Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life.

These days, when someone dies, the Internet does something incredible. In a departure from comment section-trolling and incessant crying Jordan memes, people come together to celebrate the life and accomplishments of the departed. And it was no different this week with the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson, an incomparable musical genius and undeniable cultural powerhouse.

This week’s edition of #BlavitySundayReads will be dedicated to the outpouring of writings that came in the aftermath of the Purple One’s death, from remembrances of his incredible life, to the impact he had on fans’ personal lives, to vintage interviews that attempt to give readers insight into Prince’s wonderful mind.

Read on below, go crazy, and punch a higher floor.

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Photo: giphy

1. Remembering Prince” (via the New Yorker)

Members of the New Yorker‘s cultural desk contributed to this post with stories about Prince and reflections on his 35-year career.

2. The Immortality of the Artist Forever Known as Prince Rogers Nelson” (via Blavity)

Blavity contributor Denise Huxtabook wrote a concise history on Prince for all those who need to brush up on the King of Funk.

3. Remembering Prince, Arguably the Most Crazily Multitalented Pop Star Ever” (via Vulture)

Bill Wyman explores Prince’s musical evolution with a thorough look at his defining albums.

Photo: LoveSexy
Photo: LoveSexy

4. Prince Broke All the Rules about What Black American Men Should Be” (via the Guardian)

Steven W. Thrasher writes for the Guardian about how Prince gave him (very explicit) permission to explore and go past the boundaries of what was expected for Black men.

5. How Prince Taught Me About Female Sexuality” (via Buzzfeed)

Buzzfeed’s Nichole Perkins learned from the best- “Prince helped me achieve an honest and good sex life”.

6. Prince Talks: The Silence is Broken” (via Rolling Stone)

In this profile from 1985, Rolling Stone writer Neal Karlen trailed Prince around Minneapolis after three years of silence from the mysterious artist.

7. Prince: ‘Transcendence. That’s what you want. When that happens- Oh boy.’” (via the Guardian)

Alexis Petridis was abruptly summoned to Prince’s Paisley Park Studios in 2015. He had no clue what was in store for him.

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

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