BLK, the dating and lifestyle app dedicated to connecting the Black community, has unveiled its Spring Mode campaign, an endeavor seeking to foster connections and community spirit among young people and college students during the vibrant spring break season. Drawing inspiration from the need for meaningful interactions and relationships, Spring Mode epitomizes BLK’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

The vision behind Spring Mode, as stated by Jonathan Kirkland, BLK’s head of marketing and brand, is to focus on connection and anticipation.

“We wanted to create a feature that not only helps spring breakers find like-minded individuals heading to the same destinations but also allows them to connect and build relationships before their trips even begin,” Kirkland told Blavity. This initiative reflects a hybrid model of “know before you go,” which the company hopes will resonate with users seeking authentic connections amid the excitement of spring break.

Diversity and inclusivity lie at the heart of BLK’s ethos, evident in its approach to the Spring Mode campaign. BLK recognizes and celebrates the diversity within the Black community, aiming to create an inclusive space where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued and acknowledged.

“The entire idea of Spring Break mode was based on inclusion,” Kirkland said, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to listening to and incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences.

Spring Mode not only enhances user engagement but also reinforces BLK’s brand identity, which is centered on connection, community, and celebration.

Though not directly tied to the Spring Mode campaign, BLK recently had a presence at the 50th Annual National Society of Black Engineers Conference in Atlanta.