Nothing is worse than seeing your parents act suggestively, and Blue Ivy’s face during the London stop of the “On the Run II” tour is pure evidence of that! 

During part of the show, Blue can be seen bouncing to her mom and dad’s hits before her face suddenly blanches and becomes one of disgust. The 6-year-old is hilariously seen covering her eyes, turning her head and then ducking below the concert fencing to no avail! The unfortunate girl can’t escape the image.

Reports vary as to what Blue saw – one fan page reported it was a scene of Bey and Jay in bed; the page later corrected itself and updated the post to say Blue was reacting to an image of Beyoncé twerking. Another user found a recording of an ‘OTRII’ interlude with the same music in the background as the video with Blue, featuring Beyoncé twerking in a red-lit room while Jay-Z films her before she suggestively climbs into bed on top of him. 

Regardless of the scene, Blue was appalled, shook and ready to go!