First, a quick recap… It's the shark thriller titled Dark Tide, in which Ms Berry stars as a diving instructor who is "drawn to close encounters with the White Sharks that rule the shores of the isolated island on which she lives." Olivier plays Halle’s husband in the movie, who “chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split second encounter with the jaws of death, leading to their marriage nearly falling apart.

As was announced a few weeks ago, the film will finally be released via VOD and in a limited theatrical release on March 30th.

You've seen the unofficial trailer, but I'm assuming an official trailer will soon be released, especially since the UNofficial trailer has been pulled from YouTube (you could probably find it online still), and a brand new poster for the film just dropped. The full poster is at the bottom of this post.

Repeating what I've said before… I can't really say what to expect here… Halle's stock isn't very high at the moment, given the reception of her last film, Frankie And Alice; Although she's attached to at least 1 high profile project – the Cloud Atlas adaptation by Tom Twyker and the Wachowskis, with Tom Hanks confirmed to star. 

She could use a career boost here, and sometimes all it takes is one box office hit to do that. But I don't think Dark Tide is it.

There's more news about her personal life than there is about her professional.

Rumor is that she's moving to France with her beau Olivier Martinez (lucky bastard), so maybe she'll start making French films; although I'm sure Sonia Rolland will have something to say about that 😉

Full poster immediately below (that bikini top design is a little distracting):