Widely known as ‘Brandon the Barber,’ Brandon Curington has emerged as a distinguished figure in the hairstyling realm. His career has spanned over a decade and has earned him a wide clientele base. He was raised outside of Chicago on September 19, 1990, and is currently 33-years-old. His journey began when he served as an apprentice in a small-town barbershop. Soon after, he decided to open his own studio in Los Angeles and has been one of the most sought-after barbers in the area. Brandon The Barber is widely known for his sensual approach to hairstyling and has received viral recognition on his social channels. He has fan pages with well over 21.1k followers on TikTok and has 106k followers on Instagram, and is continuing to leave a ripple effect in his respective field. By democratizing the barber industry, Brandon is changing conventional norms and bringing awareness to other prominent issues such as mental health and drug addiction.

How Did Brandon The Barber Become Famous?

At the young age of 12, Brandon decided to take a try at cutting his own hair and that risk certainly paid off in great ways for him. In 2016, he enrolled in barber school and became a licensed barber, and it was up from there. Also known as ‘The Erotic Barber,’ Brandon Curington is widely known for adding a sensual flair to his haircut appointments. Whether it’s getting lathered in oil by his barber apprentices or cutting hair shirtless in a pair of boxers, Brandon The Barber has received a lot of attention on social media for his erotic attitude and style. Furthermore, there is a video of Brandon surfacing the internet which features him giving an erotic haircut to a client. The video is apparently difficult to find but has essentially gone viral under a few keywords such as “Brandon the Barber Viral Video” and “Brandon Curington Twitter.” So, if you plan on securing a cut with Brandon, expect some sensual flirting and shoulder massages.

And though a sensual massage sounds relaxing to most, Brandon has come under some scrutiny for his videos with viewers stating that he might be a little too erotic. However, he continues to receive a plethora of views on all social media platforms.

Brandon The Barber Opens Up About Suffering From Mental Health Issues

Aside from his sensual haircuts, Brandon has vocalized that he battles mental health issues and has suffered from addiction. In interviews and through social media, Brandon has shared his experiences of dealing with anxiety and depression while shedding light on the stigmatized topic of mental health and well-being. By doing so, he has fostered an environment of understanding and empathy among his clients, followers, and peers. His transparency has had a profound impact, on the community and has helped to prompt conversations of seeking professional help, self-care, and breaking down the barriers surrounding discussions of mental health.

Beyond the clippers and his online presence, Brandon has become an advocate for change. Using his platform to raise awareness about mental health, self-care, and the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness, Brandon The Barber is certainly not your typical barber.