No, she won't be romancing Luther, because that job's already gone to Sienna Guillory in the hit series' upcoming third season/series, which, as we've already noted, will comprise of 4 hour-long episodes, which began shooting 2 weeks ago, to the excitement of many.

Instead British actress Orlessa Altass (photo above) has booked a guest role on an episode of the series; although it's not yet public info what role exactly she'll be playing. 

Hers is a name that's never been mentioned on this site, so I performed a background check to learn that in her roughly 10 years in the business, she's appeared primarily on lots of British TV – from Bad Girls, to EastEnders, Law & Order: UK, to, most recently, Coronation Street.

Her guest-starring role in Luther will probably be her highest profile role to date, given the show's growing international popularity – particularly, here in the USA – and just might be lead to raised awareness of the actress and her talents.


In season 3, Luther finds himself under a lot of pressure, as he struggles to solve two conflicting crimes, while simultaneously fending off a ruthless ex-cop who's determined to bring him down by any means necessary.

Sienna Guillory's character will be called Mary, and she's described by the BBC as… "a worker in a vintage clothing shop, who meets Luther by chance." What happens from there, we'll have to wait to find out.

Also, Warren BrownNikki Amuka-Bird, Dermot Crowley and Michael Smiley will all return to assume the roles they each played last season.

Other next season guest stars will include Lucian Msamati (Game Of Thrones fans will remember him as the pirate Salladhor Saan; he and Nonso Anozie were the 2 black Brits who joined the series cast last season), and Ned Dennehy (Tyrannosaur).

No date announced yet on when Luther, season 3 will debut, in the UK or the USA; but I expect it'll be some time in 2013; and maybe even simultaneously this time – meaning, those in the USA won't have to wait months after it airs in the UK, to see it in the USA.

Needless to say, Orlessa Atlass is now officially on our "watch list."