Wednesday was a day that doctors could have never predicted. Nekhidia Harris graduated from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York with a degree in social work.

Harris was born with physical limitations that make her bones very brittle. She has suffered from dozens of fractures ad undergone many surgeries throughout her lifetime.

The doctors were not sure she would survive more than a few days. Though doctors were not optimistic about her future, Harris never lost hope. She remained driven to defy all expectations and learned to read, write and walk among other motor skills.

Despite her height, Harris stands tall in the face of injustice.  

"Don't let anybody stop you from achieving your dreams," Harris told Inside Edition. "If you want to give back, give back a little bit even if it's a prayer. Or donate to an organization even if you don't have the funds to go all over the place. Find an organization and do that. Don't let anything stop you."

The college graduate is also inspired by a piece of advice her father told her. Harris recalled her father telling her, "Use my brain as my height, and I’ve stuck with that." Later, she said, "And I surely have used my brain as my height."

Harris is also co-founder of the Harris Family Vision Foundation based in Brooklyn. The non-profit organization is dedicated to helping underprivileged children develop their talents. 

She told HBCU Buzz, "I like to help people, and especially children." Harris added, "I also have a voice, and I love children. They gravitate to me, so I want to help them in every way I can."

She will continue her studies at York College. Harris has plans to continue school in pursuit of a Master’s degree in social work.