A white South African woman has been sentenced to three years in prison after hurling racial slurs at a black police officer, The Guardian reported.

A black police office approached estate agent Vicki Momberg to assist her one evening after thieves broke in her car at a shopping center. The 2016 incident was caught on video in 2016, and quickly went viral.

In the video, Momberg can be heard saying she wants to be helped by a white or ethnic Indian officer instead of a black officer. She goes on to call black people, "plain and simple useless" and "clueless."

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"I don't care what anyone says, I do not like a single black in JoBurg," Momberg can be heard screaming.

Momberg went on to refer to the black police officer as a "kaffir," which is an apartheid-era slur for a black person. The term is considered to be one of the worst hate speech terms in South Africa.

Lawyers believe Momberg's sentencing is the first time a person in South Africa has received a prison term for racial abuse. In the past, people charged with the crime were fined. 

“This case has been put on the spotlight, it may be the first time – at least that I’m aware of – that a person has been sentenced to jail without the option of a fine for such action,” said Johannesburg-based criminal lawyer Zola Majavu. Majavu was not involved in this particular case. 

One year of the sentencing was suspended on the condition that Momberg does not repeat her crime. 

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You can view footage of the 2016 incident below!